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For the longest time, I have wondered why there wasn’t any informational blog that focused on Singapore’s real estate, or to be more precise what it’s like to live in these various different estates. Apart from the very basic criteria of price and size when looking at a real estate property, isn’t it also pertinent to consider the surrounding environment, amenities, and to a certain extent the culture and history of the neighbourhood too?

Livehere.sg was thus conceptualised circa 2013 and launched in September the very same year. The desire behind this blog is to bring to readers the experience of living in different estates of Singapore through the resident’s point of view. Compact as we may be in terms of physical land mass, not everyone who stays in Singapore has seen every part of the island!

When not updating this blog, the author is busy with his business as a realtor. Part of the SRI5000 team, an elite group of SLP Realty, the author has a myriad of experience in both Private residential properties & HDB flats, as well as Industrial & Commercial properties. If you have any enquiry on Real Estate, feel free to drop a message at this blog or via Facebook.

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Now let the journey begin!

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