Our Readers’ Homes: Blossoms @ Woodleigh

ST article White PaperI was excited to meet Mr C (full name withheld for privacy) & his family when he approached me to help market his home for sale. Mr C’s home was located at Woodleigh Close, Blossoms@Woodleigh was where they stayed at. I’d explored this little lane before on one of my many random driving explorations around Singapore, but now I have the chance to properly visit Blossoms@Woodleigh, 1 of the 4 condominiums nestled side by side. What got me excited really, was that this estate, or rather the upcoming future estate nearby has been the talk of the town over the past few months.

A bit of history

Ever since the release of our Population White Paper early in the year, the figure of ‘6.9million’ caused quite a stir amongst the citizenry. The initial uproar reverberated across all levels of Singaporeans who were taken aback by this number, considering the already congested city Singapore has now become. As months went by and with more follow-up reports by the government to ease the worries of Singaporeans, the noise gradually subsided and I think people have slowly come to accept this notion of a growing Singapore.

The assurance from the Ministry of National Development promised Singaporeans that there is enough land to build new housing for the projected increase in population. And one of these major new towns happens to be Bidadari, right next to Woodleigh MRT station. With 11,000 new homes slated to be partially ready by year 2015, Bidadari is already seeing a new lease of life (haha).

The new condominium projects being built now include Sennett Residence, Nin Residence & Sant Ritz and will also complete by circa 2014-17. Click here for a snippet of Bidadari town article.

Bidadari EstateBidadari in its present untouched state.

Visiting the home

Driving into Blossoms@Woodleigh, I had to go uphill via Woodleigh Close and immediately it gives me the feeling I’m entering a secret garden of some sort. My research told me that except for 8 @ Woodleigh which is a 99-years Condo, the other 3 (Blossoms@Woodleigh, Parc Mondrian & Euro-Asia Park) are all Freehold. From my experience, Freehold estates generally cater to a more exclusive crowd and their locations usually provide more privacy. At the entrance, the security is very on-the-ball, always questioning my visits with intent eyes.

Blossoms PoolA great view of the pool from balcony

Completed in 2007, Blossoms @ Woodleigh still retains a very fresh look from the outside, and the facilities well-maintained. Since it was a weekend when I went, there were parents with children swimming in the pool and people were strolling about, quite a lively scene. I met up with Mr C in his home, and suffice to say, the condition was much newer than expected, especially when his family of 5 has been staying there for the past few years.

Blossoms HallMr C’s living room in Blossoms@Woodleigh

The whole of the house is encased in a very delicate white design. From ceilings to the walls to even furniture and household items, the colour White is predominant and it gives a really peaceful aura to the house, furthermore when the balcony doors were opened the breeze just swept in gently. A very soft-spoken man, Mr C told me that he took a long time to find this place, as there weren’t many Freehold units in the market with 4 bedrooms and yet centrally located in the island.

Blossoms DiningA view of the dining area & kitchen

As most of the family work regular hours, dinner is where the C family tries to gather and spend time together, even if it’s not daily. As we chatted about work, family and real estate, Mr C revealed that the only reason why he decided to put this home for sale is because one of his precious daughters will be getting married soon and thereafter move into her new home. As such, the family felt there was no longer the need to have a 4-bedroom unit. Indeed, one of the comforting aspects of my business is to really get to know people and their life stories and I’m sure a lot of Singaporeans can relate to Mr C’s scenario.

Blossoms bedroomA simple yet elegant design in the common bedroom.

Blossoms Pool nightThe main swimming pool at night.

The surroundings

Turning out from Blossoms@Woodleigh at Woodleigh Close, simply do a U-turn to head down to the city area. Driving to the city (Middle road area) takes less than 10 minutes even if there is moderate traffic. Nex Mall is just one stop away at Serangoon MRT, which also happens to intersect with the Circle Line MRT. I don’t see any issues with getting around in such a location. Wet market shopping can be done at nearby Potong Pasir estate, and somewhere nearby at Opal Crescent is a famous MacPherson Ba-Chor Mee (Minced Meat Noodle) which always has a crowd until it sells out!

BCMThe drool-icious noodle – Read about it in detail here!

Woodleigh Road Turn out to Upper Serangoon road leading to city.

In Conclusion

When I come across an estate like Woodleigh, it gets me hyped up because I see the future value of this location. Good as it is now, it will get even Better. Generally, a lot of buyers can not envision how a piece of landscape will be transformed due to lack of knowledge, and this is where I come in to share what’s going on. And interestingly, there will be people who still can’t see potential when presented with information because they need to see the physical change before their eyes to believe it, and more often than not, when it is already transformed so has the prices and these people will then sigh and say they can’t afford the new prices.

Nevertheless, it was definitely a great visit to Mr C’s home and if you wish to showcase your home, even if you don’t intend to sell, feel free to contact me!

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