Looking Ahead: Draft Master Plan 2013

Yes finally we hear about the Master Plan 2013!

Visit this Url link to download Brochures for individual regions!

Even though it’s just the Draft version, many people including myself have thronged to the URA centre at Maxwell road to catch a glimpse of the future. The exhibition is located on the ground level, and properly segmented for a comprehensive view of the plans ahead for Singapore’s urban planning.

I’m not sure if every Singaporean is as excited as I am about this draft Masterplan 2013, but we ought to be! Here in Singapore, there is no need for crystal ball gazing because the URA really does a fine job in detailing the land use and development plans, all of which will be materialised within the time period set.  As I walked around the lobby, I overheard quite a few tourists and foreigners (didn’t know tour groups bring them here!) gushing at the plans and models, which made me very proud to be a Singaporean, but also sad at the same time.

Sometimes, I can’t help but feel that Singaporeans criticise so much about the real estate here that they forget visitors from other countries are so envious of the physical environment we live in.

Snippets of the exhibition

West 1Artist’s impression of the changes for West region

East Region 1Artist’s impression of the changes for East region

Model 1Model of new housing planned for North Region

Model 4Model of new housing planned for North-East Region

HDB model 1Model of Punggol town in the near future (previous HDB Hub exhibition)

The area everyone is Eyeing

Arguably the most exciting sector amidst all the changes and revamping to come has to be Marina South. With its proximity to the Central Business District and the southern coast, Marina South has always been the sought after part of Singapore, and if affordable housing finds its way into this prime area, I am 101% sure there will be a new burst of demand from both locals and foreigners. I believe the surrounding real estate is already appreciating at the moment with such concrete plans in place.

Marina SouthArtist’s impression of future Marina South estate

Marina South 2My thoughts after viewing the Draft Masterplan 2013

I will not be writing about every detail of the exhibition here, I do urge everyone interested in knowing the near future of Singapore to visit the URA Centre for a look, regardless of whether you’re buying property or not.

With the US economy on a slow steady recovery and China continuing to record modest GDP growth, it seems like we have managed to avert any undesirable economic dips. Through my interactions with clients and some of my industry’s professionals, I believe the past couple of months may have been rather dull & uncertain for many. The Draft Masterplan 2013, in my opinion, is the panacea that has arrived at no better time to once again give clarity to Singaporeans and foreign investors alike.

In countries where political instability looms, one never knows if a geographical location earmarked for great development could turn stale the next moment and buildings end up half constructed as focus shifts when new political power takes over.

In Singapore, however, we have no such issues and that is why we will continue to enjoy the inflow of investments from overseas because even foreigners know that our words are Good as Gold, these plans & promises we have laid out will be realised. In the long run, I foresee the value of our homes to continue to rise steadily et ceteris paribas.

The Draft Master Plan 2013 will be on display from now until December 19th.

URA Centre
45 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069118
Operations Hours (Singapore City Gallery):
Monday to Saturday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

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